David & Angela

We chose Lori to sell our Palo Alto house because she consistently has the best open houses. Her staging is tasteful, the brochures are beautiful and every detail is covered. Unlike many agents whom delegate open houses to less experienced agents, Lori does the open houses herself. One thing that really stands out is how ethical she is. We’ve had previous real estate transactions and we have learned to take what some agents say with a grain of salt. Lori is honest and upfront with everything. I’d even trust her on the opposite side of the transaction! We also appreciated Lori’s constant and detailed communication from the status of contractors during the improvements for sale to open house reports and the status of interested buyers. In summary, every detail was covered, every promise fulfilled and everything she said she would do was done. Lori is a true professional and I strongly recommend her services!


I highly recommend Lori. She was an extremely hard worker and great advocate during our search for a home. With each house we were interested in, she went above and beyond - carefully reading through the disclosures (often calling out things that the seller's listing agent didn't know about and advising us on what was a significant issue and what wasn't) and went to the city planner's office to verify square footage and building potential. I also felt that she understood and supported our family's needs really well - advising me against an otherwise great house since it would double my commute time to work. She also had our long term interest in mind, calling out when a house had a less than desirable resale value. Lori is very professional and personable. An excellent realtor!

Katherine & Rick

We can’t say enough good things about Lori. She helped us find our house just two years ago. We completely rebuilt it spending almost as much on the renovation as we did to purchase it, because we planned to live in it for at least ten years. Two years later and a career-making job offer in another state caused us to sell our dream home. Since we had such a good experience with Lori, she was our first call. I was sure we would never recoup our investment thinking we’d be lucky to break even at best. We had multiple offers and Lori’s advice and negotiation skills were crucial in helping us decide if we should counter and which of the final offers to accept. We would have never been able to sell our house for a profit if it weren’t for Lori’s expertise! She is the best!


My experience with Lori was outstanding! Her knowledge and competency was impressive and invaluable. Throughout the entire process, she navigated each challenge/decision and guided me in a manner that I was 100% confident the outcome would be in my best interest. Lori was extremely organized and stayed on top of each and every detail. She never dropped the ball and she kept me abreast in timely manner. Lori proved to be a phenomenal choice in representing me in this real estate transaction and I’d highly recommend her to any buyer/seller looking for extremely knowledgeable, accessible, and professional real estate agent.


When I first met Lori, her open, honest, down-to-earth personality immediately put me at ease - so very important when making such an important decision as buying or selling a home. There was an unwavering level of integrity and ethics shown by Lori. She truly took the time to learn what was important to me - both deal breakers and makers. I really did appreciate her patience. Lori worked tirelessly on my behalf to get me exactly what I wanted - empathized with me when I didn't get what I wanted and celebrated with me when I finally did. Although I know I wasn't her only client, she made me feel like I was.


Lori was there for the entire transaction. Through all the preparation and sale of our Palo Alto home and through the end-game, she was always watching to make sure all the details were handled. Her enthusiasm and care helped us to deal with the numerous tasks and the schedule that we all refused to let slip! And we appreciated that she listened to our concerns and challenges when it came to pricing the home. We greatly appreciate what she did to bring about the successful sale of our home which enabled us to buy our dream retirement home on the coast.

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With over 30 years in sales, marketing, and client service, my clients describe me as "the Realtor who goes above and beyond” when it comes to market knowledge, integrity, service level and results.
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